We develop a healthy lifestyle together with the children and parents. Focus for us, living in harmony with nature. Sport. Healthy eating. We inform ourselves on the Internet, but we also invite expert advisors on various topics. We document everything and send it to our partners, so that we mutually learn from us and can also implement various steps and ideas. Everything is placed on your blog. We collect all the steps and the end of the project we do then a book for all partners.

Montag, 5. Oktober 2015

Description of operations

In this project, we place great emphasis on healthy eating, sports media and live with nature in harmony ..We discuss with the children the pumpkin, we clean the pumpkin, make it also a pumpkin Lotter and the kernels are dried, so that we can bake a pumpkin pie later.For the vegetable soup the individual vegetable varieties are discussed as well as grow. Above the ground or under the ground. Correct handling of the knives shown that children chop the vegetables for the soup, of course, the hands are in front of the chef works always washed. The soup is cooked and then eaten together at Thanksgiving. All steps will be photographed by the children or the teachers.We explain to the children how important sport for our bodies and our well-being is. It is very important to eat healthy and to exercise.
Above all, we explain to the children how unhealthy are finished products and explain to them why we are primarily local fruits and vegetables.

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